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  • Single from (old winner “Holland’s got Talent”) “Nick Nicolai- Hand in Hand” !!!

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    17 October 2020
  • Dillon Lewis Productions produces tracks for Netflix

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    17 October 2020
  • Dillon Lewis Productions makes complete jingle package for Jamm FM

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    17 October 2020


Dillon Foto elke pagina biografie

For years, Dillon Lewis has been working in the music industry. Dillon Lewis is a multidisciplinary musician and has a good understanding of the vocation and knows how to meet the wishes of the music enthusiast. Dillon Lewis comes from a very musical family: his father was the first steelpan player to have brought the Caribbean sound to the Netherlands. His younger sister Berget Lewis is one of the most famous singers in the Netherlands. In addition, his two brothers Alvin Lewis and Rory Ronde are two critically acclaimed guitarists in the Netherlands. They are part of, among others, Wouter Hamel, Ladies of Soul, New Cool Collective, Ali B, et cetera.

Dillon Lewis belongs to one of the first break dancers (b-boy) of the Netherlands, which he became in the eighties. With his formation “Alex & the City Crew”, he belonged to the best known breakdancing act of the Netherlands and Europe.

In 1985, Dillon Lewis started his first live band ‘D-Extended’, followed by ‘New Jack Style’. As a producer and performer he scored his first top 40 hit ‘Special Girl’. During the late nineties, he became the band leader of ‘Food for Funk’. In this position, he and his family organized many several musical evenings at Panama and Paradiso, named ‘Soulservivors’. These events brought live music back to Amsterdam and in doing so, Dillon Lewis and his family created a platform for new singing talents to emerge. Through the years, Dillon Lewis has worked with many different artists.

In present day, Dillon Lewis works for several projects as a percussionist, bandcoach, MC, DJ, producer, composer, organizer and teacher. The highlights of his work are collaborations with Robin Thicke, Gloria Estafan, Sister Sledge, Ladies of Soul and Sheila E.

More artists to have worked with Dillon Lewis are:

Sylvana Simons / Shirma Rouse / Lois Lane / Angela Groothuizen / Johnny Guitar Watson / Beef / Candy Dulfer / Brainpower / Edsilia Rombley / Berget Lewis / Giovanca / DJ Erik E / Michelle David / Sabrina Starcke / Ladies of Soul


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    Dillon Foto elke pagina studio

    Dillon Lewis’ studio is located in the western part of Amsterdam. The studio is specialized in recording vocals, live music and more. Its appealing interior and friendly atmosphere make the studio the ideal place to bring your music to life.

    What can Dillon Lewis’ studio do for you?

    1. Producing a track – in any genre
    2. Composing tracks with musicians
    3. Production mixing in the highest attainable quality
    4. Mastering tracks
    5. Recording live music and voice overs
    6. Editing video footage

    The studio is located at Nieuwpoortkade 2a “Da Vinci Bedrijven Huis”

    Interested? Message us via our contact form.

    Below you will find the full studio specifications.


    Cubase 10.5 /Ableton live 9 en 10/ Studio 0ne 5 / Video Editor” Magix Video Luxe Premier”.


    Too many to mention!


    Yamaha o1v96 digital Consule / ICON qcon Midi Controller/ Behringer X touch control Surface

    Roland Juno 106 (1984) Roland Juno Stage / Roland Jupiter 50 / Roland Gaia/ Dave Smith Mopho / Steinberg FW 18 in 18 out interface /Presonus 192 (24 in en out) soundcard/Motu Fire Wire interface

    Presonus Pre amp (eureka) / Roland  Spd -SX

    Rocktron Banshee Talkbox / Roland Octa Pad/ Akai Mpd 32 midi controller / Apc 40 midi controller/ Ableton push / Mark Rhodes

    Vintage hardware

    Emax Sampler 5000 / Planet Phat module / Emu Proteus Strings module

    Lexicon 19 inch reverb / Emu Procussion drummodule


    Akg Solid Tube (analog pre amp) /


    Genelec 8050 Active Studio Monitor (2x)
    Blue sky Subwoofer / Qsc K12 (2x)


    Apple and PC



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